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A rotating top band of the screen rotates provides real-time updates on index and commodity prices from world markets.

Functionality Cookies These cookies let us operate the sites in accordance with the choices you make. It is because when the viewers are asked to give their opinion about which of the two channels is having more coverage in terms of audience then most of them would give their vote to CNBC.

The network often sees large spikes in viewership on days of major market moves. We are striving harder to empower our viewers with more such informative programmes.


Zee Business continuously strives to empower and entertain consumers on smart decision-making related to investments, savings and spending. Such type of studies are psychological and require a lot of time since each human being is different and it is hard enough to study about each individual.

Choose for investigation because a problem well defined is half solved. It has been found that a large number of viewers of CNBC and ZEE BUSINESS agree to the fact that there has been a tremendous increase in the size of the hard news audience largely by the rise in interest in business news and according to them education plays a very significant role in the rapid increase in the size of the hard news audience.

Research work was carried out in one Bareilly city so the findings may not be applicable to the other parts of the country because of social and cultural differences. This award is a representation of the viewer's opinion about Zee Business.

Some of the viewers say that it seems as if the business news channels in India have charted out their own doctrines and present anything as news and serve it to their audience. Today it is a dominant player amongst all business channels in the country.

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The deal increased the distribution of the newly enlarged network to over 40 million homes. Target population is well identified and various methods like personal interviews and telephone interviews are employed.

Very few viewers are interested in the in-depth analysis of the facts. The network often sees large spikes in viewership on days of major market moves. Which aspect of the news is most preferred by you? CNBC had considerable difficulty getting cable carriage at first, as many providers were skeptical of placing it alongside the longer-established Financial News Network.

It emerged as Indias No. For the week ended September 19,the network averagedviewers during the "business day" defined by the network as 5am to 7pm.

However, this will not prevent the sites from placing further cookies on your device unless and until you adjust your Internet browser setting as described above. Like business itself, Zee Business has also evolved. As this demographic is not covered by Nielsen Media Research ratings, CNBC claims that the network's true viewership is considerably higher than what is measured.

As a result of this it was not possible to gather full information from respondents. Very few viewers say no to this credibility rating. Time factor was the chief limitation of the study. Along with developing new program formats such as Fast Money and Mad Money, the network operates a "checkerboard" programming approach, airing various genres of shows including documentaries, town-hall style discussions and repeats of some NBC output.

People like many different styles of presenting the news, and their preference ranges from serious to lighthearted.

Zee Business

Through its persistent efforts, today, the channel enjoys the "most preferred channel" status amongst the elites of the country. The network's ratings steadily fell quarter after quarter, year after year, until bottoming in Q1with an average viewership ofduring the day.

She worked in Zee for about five years before joining News 24 in • Anchored Zee Business Top TRP gainers closing show of stock market ‘Antim Bazi and prime time Show ‘Share Bazaar Live’ in the morning • Anchored and research for ‘Sensex Strategy Helpline’ from the commencement of the show and giving a regular link on Sensex future and Title: Working at Zee Business.

Zee Business is a Hindi business news channel based in Noida, India. The channel is owned by Zee Media Corporation Ltd. They were started in November of See also. Zee News; References. External links. Official Website of Zee Business; Zee News Website This Indian television-related article is a stub.

You Headquarters: Sector A, Film City, Noida -Delhi. Top 10 Glamorous News Anchors in India.

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by Ejaz Khan. Shaili Chopra is an award-winning business news anchor with nearly twelve years of experience in television anchoring, reporting and writing columns.

She is the Business Editor for Tehelka, writes a popular golf column ‘Tee Off With Shaili Chopra’ for the DNA. Shereen Bhan | CNBC.

Ayesha Faridi is an anchor for the Indian business news channel CNBC TVAyesha joined CNBC TV18 back in She is a journalist by training, having graduated from Delhi University. Anjana took a start with her career in and first was the anchor of Zee News.

List of CNBC personalities

She is considered to be one of the hot and sexy news reporters. 1. Experience with more than 15 years in media field, currently run Hindi Financial Blog agronumericus.com I have worked with CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, Mahua News, TV9 Maharashtra, ETV News, agronumericus.com, Chanakya Civil Services Today magazine.

Nov 14,  · Finance Minister Lim told reporters the country would seek consequential losses as well as the return of fees. "The Malaysian government will want to reclaim all the fees paid, as well as all the losses including the interest rate differential," Lim told reporters.

Zee business reporters cnbc
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