Writing an encyclopedia entry ks2 bitesize

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For example, for a Steelers' encyclopedia, you may wish to research and write the entry for "The Immaculate Reception" before you research and write the entry for "William Gay.

The Web version of the popular German newspaper: German for advanced learners and tips for teachers: Definition [ ] Section 3: Then choose at least one plant and one animal and write a brief description of how they live and grow in the physical feature you are researching.

The project will build digital kitchens that speak to the users in French and give them step-by-step instructions on how to prepare French cuisine. Identify Plants and Animals: A variety of ready-made quizzes and games for learners of French, including quiz generators for teachers who wish to create their own materials: A website associated with a French soap opera: While the most widely recognized encyclopedias -- Britannica, World Book, Wikipedia -- focus on general knowledge, many individually produced encyclopedias focus on specific topics, such as states, sports teams or even persons.

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Online materials for learners of Italian. Edited by Hyde Flippo: Teaching activities Class Work Present a list of text types on the whiteboard - information book, leaflet, advertisement, website, newspaper article, play script, story, poem, dictionary, biography and so on.

You may download, print and make copies of these pages for use in your classroom, provided that you include the copyright notice shown below in all such copies. Cut out pictures from old magazines or draw pictures for your encyclopedia entry. For each subsection, create bullet-points of information.

How to Write an Encyclopedia

A comprehensive range of interactive exercises. The website of ORF. Short news texts in German, plus streaming sound and video clips.

These sites are useful for information on the German Spelling Reform Die neue Rechtschreibungwhich came into effect on 1 August An online German course for beginners, designed by Paul Joyce.

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Activities for learners of French in a game format:Writing frames for low ability year 7 / yr 5+6. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions/5(4).

Find out how you should think about the language you use when writing for different audiences. Create a checklist on a board from the points highlighted in the clip.

Creating an Encyclopedia Entry

Ask children to re-write the text using formal language and following the other teaching points. Research the most commonly repeated subjects first to create your entries. For example, for a Steelers' encyclopedia, you may wish to research and write the entry for "The Immaculate Reception" before you research and write the entry for "William Gay." Compose your entries.

Features of an Encyclopedia Information PowerPoint

You can choose to format your entries however you like. agronumericus.com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Writing frames to support your class in factual written work to create portrait or landscape encyclopedia entries.

Encyclopedia Writing Frames Pack contains: Landscape Writing Frame [PDF]5/5(3).

Writing an encyclopedia entry ks2 bitesize
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