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But are Mondi and Sappi, and particularly the non-integrated Sappi, not faced with conflicting incentives in raising the cost of and hence the price charged by downstream core and tube manufacturers? Sales have increased by per cent compared to the previous financial year.


If a company falls short of consensus numbers - or sometimes if it only meets expectations - its share price can fall.

Mondi is an international pulp, paper, board and timber manufacturer. It is manufactured from virgin paper. Mondi specifically developed Ndicore approximately 6 years ago specifically for use in the cores and tubes industry. Convenience and portability drive innovative pack types in wine, beer and cider Many attitudes regarding alcoholic drinks packaging rapidly evolved, allowing new packaging types to flourish and certain trends to dominate.

There are three broad theories or sets of concerns that inform anti-trust evaluation of vertical mergers. A potential challenge from this quarter would, of course, extend beyond core-board to other segments of the domestic market collectively dominated by Sappi and Mondi.

As we will elaborate below, we accept that the vertically integrated firm is indeed a good business opportunity because it is, in essence, a mechanism for securing market domination. We return to this below. However, we are not seeking to prove the existence of a cartel.

High quality European core-board will continue to be used in small volume for the manufacture of particularly demanding cores. Booming internet retailing points towards larger pack sizes The strong growth in internet retailing, together with the convenience that comes with it, has seen consumers purchase larger packaging sizes online to obtain greater value.

Imported paper can also obviously be used in the production of cores and tubes. Want to find out more about this report? Archipelago Brewery, a leading local craft beer player, has infused local culture into its packaging to differentiate its products from other craft beer brands.

We are also persuaded by those submissions that point out the difficulties faced by small cores and tubes manufacturers in profitably importing their key input. Indeed, our reading of the evidence is that the downstream markets may well be regional or sub-national.

A mere glance at the following table will confirm that Sappi and Mondi collectively dominate a range of important market segments in the paper products sector and that their market shares are equivalent in most of these markets: How has the packaging industry been affected by the recession?

What is the retail unit volume of the packaging market in Singapore?


The upstream market Mondi Cartonboard operates in two broad categories, namely packaging and industrial. Have there been any packaging legislative changes over the past 12 months? However, horse drawn carriages were used before the development of the automobile and could still technically be used as a means of road transport from one point to another, but they would not render a very efficient service compared to the alternative product now available.

It produces coated, uncoated and laminated folding boxboard, which is used for packaging of, inter alia, food, pharmaceuticals and detergents.

In other instances a plant such as Mondi Tugela that has long been producing its cores and tubes in-house continues to do so on old machinery designed to work with a particular type of paper, that being the kraft paper produced at the Tugela mill.

Have there been any packaging legislative changes over the past 12 months? Gain competitive intelligence about market leaders. Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats.

We are Mondi

The parties indicated that they intended calling only Mr. In the lower market segment — caricatured as the production of toilet roll cores but in truth comprising a range of light industrial and consumer good applications — it appears generally accepted that Ndicore would be over-specified because cores and tubes in this segment of the market do not require the crush strength which the Commission alleges is a feature of Ndicore alone.

There would seem to be little point in a vertical transaction between parties that did not have self-dealing as a central objective and post-merger feature. What are the major pack types and how are they performing in Canada? The parties have made so much of the role of core board imports in constraining any exercise of market power by the merged entity, that one might have expected them to define the relevant upstream geographical market as global.

On the contrary, post-merger [acquiring firm — confidential] is thoroughly beholden to Sappi both for its supplies of core-board and as a market for [acquiring firm — confidential] output. How are consumption trends impacting the packaging landscape?

We are not in the process of trying a cartel. Files are delivered directly into your account within a few minutes of purchase. Spiralwind then is a kraft paper manufactured from off-cuts 8 with an approximate maximum strength of scott ply. The downstream market is the market in which cores and tubes are supplied to a variety of end-users.

Customer Foreclosure The parties have also insisted that imports, or the threat of imports, will undermine any attempt at input foreclosure. The parties indicated that they intended calling only Mr. Facilitation of Co-ordination However, the likelihood of input and customer foreclosure is not the only ground for concern with this transaction.

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Reed International. Booming internet retailing points towards larger pack sizes. The strong growth in internet retailing, together with the convenience that comes with it, has seen consumers purchase larger packaging sizes online to obtain greater value. Convenience, value and environmental awareness drive packaging innovation.

Canadian packaging trends in were dominated by greater demand for products that could be used for multiple consumption occasions and that also fit widespread concerns about recycling and sustainability.

Mondi an international packaging and
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