Funny dorm room pranks

Harmless Dorm Pranks

Who doesn't like a pair of googly eyes staring into your soul and a mustache tickling your face while you drink a bottle of soda? Put some googly eyes on every item. It can be any theme that will surprise and embarrass. Now, somehow get a talking parrot and a grandfather clock. More instructions for shooting toilet water: And you're in good company, too.

Particularly works well after lunch or morning tea. Armor-All is only visible when sprayed on concrete and dried during a rainstorm or lawnsprinkler.

Dorm Room Pranks

Try moving it to the roof of a building, front courtyard of the residence, or in the dining hall. While your friend is sleeping, carefully water down his mattress. Offer to cook dinner. Turn Gravity Off All this requires is some duct tape, a ladder or stable chair, and plenty of care that you don't break anything.

Hold the doll in your lap. You now have two remotes that work out the same function. Be prepared to laugh. This can be compounded by the option of house sitting during their vacation. After they unwittingly put the CD in without checking, watch their expressions as the room is filled with "Coppa Cabana".

Fill it with unpopped popcorn. Fun to fool around with. Let the victim open the door, find the paper, and break it all down. You can either hide in the closet or under the bed, so that you have a vantage point from the TV.

While you are using the facilities, take the alarm clock and put it into the toilet tank. Take an old record album cover.

10 Best Dorm Pranks

Universal Remote If your dorm has a common area with a television, use a universal remote to change the channel as you walk by and enjoy the confusion that ensues.

You will need some newspaper, tape, and a large quantity of Styrofoam packing "popcorn. If you do this to the underware in their drawer, they will only have dirty undies from the vacation to wear. Do research or pay attention to what your roommate says, about an annoying classmate, lovestruck loser, or professor that doesn't behave appropriately.

Chilli sauce on the rim of a coffee mug.

Funny Pranks

College is probably one of the best times of your life. Let your roommate enjoy his first night alone in peace, while you stay over at a friend's.Explore Molly Siner's board "Dorm PRANKS" on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Pranks, Funny stuff and Jokes. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. A board by Molly Siner. Dorm PRANKS. 10 best dorm room pranks" See more. from i think that someone should make a prank where maybe one or two people from each dorm all get together and decided on a certain day and time in the middle of the night (like 4 or 5 am) to wake up everyone on campus.

Funny The Best College Dorm Room Pranks Of All Time. Robert Wabash. here are some of the best dorm room pranks the Internet has ever seen. Upvote the college dorm pranks that would impress you if they happened to you and downvote the trivial ones. 1 2, VOTES. Harmless dorm pranks are a way to have some fun with your friends.

Before you decide to pull one, consider the consequences of your actions. Not only to do you want to make sure the prank is a safe one, but you may also be the target of retaliation from the person with whom you decided to have some fun.

Finally, here are some awesome & very funny photos of dorm room pranks at university and college. There's a picture of a great example of the classic college dormitory post it prank, a hilarious pic of some college guys taping up their roommates dorm door and more hilarious and clever ideas for the best pranks to pull in dorms at college!

These dorm room pranks will hit the nail in the right spot, if executed according to plan. Choose weak victims, where even those who come off as strong, can actually be reduced to tears. Have fun playing these gags on roommates, but don't experiment with pranks that will turn out badly.

Funny dorm room pranks
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