Air pollution in hong kong essay

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Air pollution in Hong Kong linked to gastrointestinal bleeding

This show a working woman can also be a wonderful mother. Hundreds of millions of low-skilled workers prefer safe employment at a government factory, even if it means their city is polluted. Besides, since both parents are working, so they may be able to provide a better living standard for their children.

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Recently, however, the cost of independently monitoring air pollution has declined.

How your skin care could protect you from pollution

Hence, women do not have to stay at home all the time to look after the children and manage the household. In total, 39 severely polluted days were recorded, 5 fewer compared to Air pollution across Hong Kong reached its highest level according to official figures although the government insisted that improvements have been made with respect to air quality.

However, the report did acknowledge that environmental regulations and industrial reforms had had some effect. So it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for enforcement officials to take fuel samples from a ship that travels through DECA waters but calls at a port outside the DECAs.

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Essay about myself ielts useful words student times essay teacher experience. Indirect contact through evaporated pollutants By: First, this was also the reason by residents particularly the working citizens are seriously considering migration to other Asian countries such as Singapore and second, the ability to attract skilled foreign labor is also problematic.

Pollution in Hong Kong

Pollutants on construction sites can also soak into the groundwater, a source of human drinking water. Summarizing the above, no one can deny that nowadays women are well educated and have equal right as men in the society.

Actual roadside air quality and measured emissions must be a priority for EDP then. Greenhouse Gases are another important consequence of air pollution, as these gases trap the heat from the sun in the earth's atmosphere and begin to raise global temperatures.

The Impact of Air Quality on Tourism: The Case of Hong Kong

I am sure their husbands will appreciate this. Economists have found that both outdoor and indoor workers are less productive when exposed to higher levels of air pollution. With this, I argue that the regulations should be stricter on the transportation industry as it affects people more.

Among such morbidity statistics, 1, were residents in Hong Kong due to heart attacks, stroke, pneumonia and other lung diseases.

Once contaminated, groundwater is much more difficult to treat than surface water. Specifically, the latter includes conversion to safe fuel as well as regulating emissions based on standards.

In addition, oceangoing ships — the main target of the DECA regulations — are typically equipped with multiple fuel tanks connected to the engines and or boilers. Exposure to Smog poses a threat to the health of Chinese citizens. In one interview for our book we talked to a Beijing resident with a Ph.

The Chinese people are well aware of how pollution is eroding their quality of life. This in turn increases the burning of fossil fuels, resulting in smog.

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Hong Kong government conducted an month review of the objectives whereby EDP even hired a consultant for the review to respond to this.Jumpstart Your Paper.

Air Pollution in HK Essay

Discover great essay examples and research papers for your assignments. The pollution problems in Hong Kong are undoubtedly desperate in the recent decades.

Pollution in Hong Kong is mainly land, air, water and noise. There is a series of arguments which are related to Hong Kong environmental problems, such as the closure of a paper recycling. According to the Hedley Environmental Index, air pollution in Hong Kong led to 1, premature deaths, million doctor visits and a total economic cost of HK$ billion in Air pollution has been a major concern in Hong Kong for years.

While we usually regard air pollution as being outdoors, in fact the air quality in our house and office could be even worse. Indoor air pollution is the degradation of indoor air quality by harmful chemicals and other materials. Hong Kong published the Air Pollution Control (Fuel for Vessels) Regulation, which requires all vessels to use compliant fuel within the waters of Hong Kong to reduce their emissions and improve air quality.

If approved by the Council, the Regulation will take effect on 1 January Air pollution levels in Hong Kong have repeatedly reached dangerous levels in the last week, including on Monday morning.

The South China Morning Post reported Monday that at times, the air.

Air pollution in hong kong essay
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